Win a Day at CSS and an HJC R-PHA10 Helmet

at 11:10am July 30 2013

We’ve teamed up with the California Superbike School and HJC Helmets to bring you a very special prize worth a massive £650. Win, win win!

Moto Photo: The Outside of Redgate

at 12:51am July 24 2013
Moto Photo

It’s Moto Photo time again, with our man behind the Nikon, Jonny ‘Too Tall’ Gawler: When you ride a circuit you’ve been to before, as far as my understanding goes, you’re supposed to have already worked out the best thing to do at each corner so you can try and do it exactly the same every time thereafter

RST Ventilator III Jacket Review

at 12:01am July 16 2013

Summer on a motorcycle should be fantastic – so long as you wear the right gear. Sweating buckets in non ventilated kit is a recipe for you losing concentration and who knows what else… So why not invest in some kit that will keep you in tip-top condition – like this RST Ventilator III Jacket. [...]

2013 SBOTY Is Coming…

at 03:00pm July 15 2013

Yup, you read right. The 2013 Sportsbike of the Year test is just around the corner, and to whet your appetite, we thought we drag out some scenes from the past. This is the definitive sportsbike test, the one all the manufacturers want to win and it carries with it international prestige for the winer [...]

Fast Bikes Magazine Issue 277 – Summer 2013 – OUT NOW!

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at 09:56am June 25 2013

It’s time to hit the shops and pick up the latest issue of Fast Bikes Magazine! Yup, issue 278 – also known as the Summer 2013 issue – is weighing down a newsagents shelf right now, ready for you to scoop it up to love and cherish.

Win Snetterton BSB Tickets with WD-40

at 10:27am June 24 2013

Yup, you could win a pair of VIP tickets with WD-40 for the next round of BSB to be held at Snetterton on July 7th.

Moto Photo – The Basic Requirement

at 06:00am June 20 2013
Moto Photo

It’s the Fast Bikes’ explanation of motorcycle photography again in Moto Photo. We say Fast Bikes’, but it’s really that of snapping genius Jonny Gawler and his Nikon equipment.

Avon Storm 3D X-M

at 06:00am June 14 2013
Avon 3D

Avon has released a new sports touring tyre, the Storm 3D X-M. It’s a revision of the successful Storm and Storm 2 tyre that is many riders’ favourite winter/mileage tyre, and the British firm has built on the fundamentals of the original. The X-M stands for ‘extra mileage’ and while extra may begin with an E, the sentiment rings true with the new X-M.

Dunlop D212 GP Pro

at 12:10am June 10 2013
Dunlop D212 GP Pro

The new Dunlop D212 GP Pro is the latest track rubber from our chums in Brum, the firm that professes to to abide by the principles of ‘Race to Road’.

Father’s Day Subscription Offer!

at 10:53am June 7 2013

Yup, to celebrate Father’s Day – and to give him a treat for being a great Dad all year – we are giving you the opportunity to give him a subscription to Fast Bikes with a great £5 off deal.

Moto Photo: The Revealed Drama Light

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at 06:00am June 7 2013
Moto Photo

Jonny Gawler’s latest take on his world of motorcycle photography. This time out he talks about light. It’s kinda important…

Reader Termer

at 12:02am May 30 2013

Yamaha Reader termer T&Cs   By taking part in this Competition, you agree to be bound by the Competition Rules which are summarised below but can be viewed in full at Entries must be made on the official entry form and be received by midnight on 22/07/2013. Photocopies will not be accepted. Open to [...]

David Jefferies

at 10:33am May 29 2013

10 years ago today, David Jefferies roared through Crosby during a practice session for the 2003 TT and came to grief on the oil of a blown bike. The ensuing destruction of man and machine represented the lowest point of the TT

Fast Bikes Magazine Issue 276 – July 2013 – Out NOW!

at 09:40pm May 24 2013

Roll up, roll up, the latest issue of Fast Bikes has hit the shelves, and we’re surprised said shelves haven’t buckled under the weight of so much two-wheeled goodness contained within!

Moto Photo: The Static Challenge

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at 01:40pm May 23 2013
Moto Photo

It’s the latest ramblings from our man with the Nikon – yes it’s Jonny Gawler and his Moto Photo blog!

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