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Default Gear

Seen as Im bored, heres a quick review of stuff ive wrecked over the years


Nitro - Used for minimoto racing and I probably killed about 12 of em in all so good job they were only 40 each, no ill effects and had plenty of 20-60mph crashes. Used a more expensive one on the road but at higher speeds was far too noisy and I eventually killed it at about 60 ish and the polystyrene split, wouldnt wear another for anything more than minimotos! Although my dad still prefers his to his shark.

Arai - I always thought the Arai thing was posers and show offs as all lids are the same gold standard right? got bought an Astro as a gift and the difference was far more than i expected. It was like putting me head in Cheryl Cole. So when i rattled that one there was never any question what to replace it with, I tried on each model Arai and found the Chaser fit best which is what i'm wearing today

I always wear black visors unless its dark obviously, never ever wear iridium, first reason is its about as cool as taking ya mum to a school disco, second is you cant see damp patchs, which i have heard is quite bad.


Berik One crash wonders, no injuries but only fit for the bin in a 50mph ish crash

RST Moto Pilot - awesome. Crash really well had about 6 pairs now well tested at all road speeds and never holed or split, always still been usable for a good few crashes. Still wear these, road / track etc.


Berik again destroyed in a single 60mph crash, no injurys but boots wrecked.

Alpinestars - havnt had any for around 10 years as had 2 sets which fell apart without being crashed in.

RST - used for minimoto racing lots of 20-60mph crashes lots of damage but kept taking more, eventually the seams split

Sidi - comfortable and lasted for ages current set are Vertigo air model and I've had em since 2007 and had two 60mph+ crashes in with almost no damage.

Nitro 'race boots' Got for 20 at NEC few years ago. no. just dont.


Scott - road riding. Awesome the only suit I would actually be glad i was wearing in a fast crash, heavy and not the most comfortable but imo worth the compramise. Unfortunatly I got too fat for them. Currently hung in my garage as my first ever knee down leathers!

Spyke 'Race hunter' (gayest name ever) - used for miniGP racing. really really light but the sizes are smaller than most other manufacturers so werent that comfy, crashed EVERY time i wore them broke my collarbone into 4 pieces but got them off before the St Johns man got his scissors out! . My brother borrowed them a couple of times and he crashed EVERY time aswell. So sold them to a lad for racing minimotos and he broke his collarbone first time out. Excellent leathers for crash resistance but my set was quite possibly subject to some kind of voodoo curse?

Hein Gericke 'Celtic' - used for minimoto, minigp, road and trackdays, increadible suit for the money had it for 6 years of minimoto racing which is a LOT of upto 60 odd mph crashes probably close to a hundred crashes. comfy, a generous fit never injured in it either. Naff stuff like the zips and velcro broke after about 6 months. I'd have another of these in a heart beat, Dad still uses a set for trackdays.

Berik 'Titanium' - MiniGP racing, Road, trackdays, needed leathers in a hurry to replace cursed Spykes. Local store had these on offer, with previous experience of Berik gear I dont really want to jump off in em although everything is still working and all as it should be.

Scott M2M - Currently waiting to see how rumours of the company being in administration work out before ordering a made to measure Scott suit again..


Knox Contour - brilliant, comfy and feel naked if i forget to put it on. Crashed loads of times in it so maybe should repalce it, but will definatly go for the same model

Winter gear - used for green lanes, all weathers Scott textile jacket and trousers, KBC MX lid, AXO MX boots. always kept me warm and dry, enough ventilation for hot days good solid kit no propper crashes just those embarrasing ones where you fall over and everyones looking but never let me down
Mmm Donuts!

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Default Remind me

Never to buy any second hand kit from you..

My boots..Had 15 years, Alpine Stars which are lovely soft Italian leather, but looking at the new ones, they're made of cardboard (Chinese cardboard).

Had a few helmets, not crashed in them, but the padding gets flattened after a time.

Had two lots of roof helmets, mainly because my ear's are shot and they're reported as being quiet, but they're cheaply made and various bits drop off.

Present helmet is a Schuberth, again bought as they're quiet, but again, poorly made, the visors are particularly brittle and at over 55 a shot are not cheap.

Had loads of gloves as again they're usually made in places such as Pakistan, so quality (but not price) is rock bottom.
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Old 02-05-2012, 02:16 PM
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This thread is a brilliant idea in my opinion, perhaps it could be stickied?

My current line up is:

RST Alpha 2 jacket, lovely and warm in the winter, huge pockets for lots of crap, very comfy, is serving me very well.

Duchinni vortex jacket, nice summer jacket, vents work well. I've plonked the back armour in mine. Again, huge pockets and more of them than you can shake a stick at. Very uselful. Cost 40 quid in the sale from ghostbikes, down from 140.

Lst lid, only one in the shop that fitted my large and oddly shaped head. Serving me very well.

Saracen steel capped hiking boots, know I should probably get some proper bike boots but the things have lasted me for about 5 years now and show absolutely no sign of ever actually being worn. If I cleaned them....

Rst kevlar jeans, just like wearing ordinary jeans really...

Buffalo 480 gloves for summer, nice and comfy, very good feel on the bars, but are already falling apart a bit, the smaller velcro strap just unstitched itself...

Spada X-Stream for winter, which I am very much looking forward to wearing in / getting used to before I end up damaging myself or something else, see my story in the winter gloves thread.......

Last but no means least are the Uvex sunnies that came with my subsription to this fine magazine, really would not be without them. They're automatically on during the day, and since I've had them I don't think I've been anywhere without them on. That big orange thing in the sky really does need turning down on the brightness a bit.

Couldn't comment on how well any of this does in a crash, because I haven't managed to come off yet.
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Old 02-05-2012, 04:35 PM
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Weisse textiles for jacket and overtrousers, - had them for years and the jacket needs re-proofing but just so comfortable.
RST textile jacket and trousers for summer time and warmer days - very comfortable and well padded for the off I had last summer - pretty well damage free.
Gloves RST winter and summer with a pair of Buffalo winter gloves that I don't rate at all to be honest.
Boots; Weisse that are too stiff to even break in and give me a lot of grief on my shins with seams digging in and RST that are like a second skin. I have a largeish insert in my right boot as my leg is shorter after the new hip joint. The RSTs' are the only ones that will allow my foot AND the insert in together
Helmet always been AGV with darkened visor especially during winter when the sun coming in horizontal is damned painful. Even with shades inside the visor it still creases me.
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Old 02-05-2012, 06:39 PM
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Maybe the boots aren't breaking in because you don't move your feet that much on the burgy? Go for a walk in them
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Old 02-06-2012, 07:43 PM
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Done it Andy - there seems to be a very stiff section at the top of the shin with no movement in it at all. If I ride or walk in them it cuts into my shin something shocking. They just aren't the boots for me that is all - they will probably suit 90% of riders
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