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  1. Hi, I have never seen your magazine for sale in New Zealand. Can I please purchase a copy of th May edition. Happy to provide Mastercard details to pay and will subscribe if I enjoy the read. Email reply and I will give card details. Thanks, Chris

  2. Where can I get a copy of “Return of the Mach 3” on DVD?

    Thanks Mates, love the Mag, Love the Videos..

    DM, USA.

  3. hello I just bought the issue 274 may 2013.and on page 48, where is the Suzuki gsxr-1000 k5 it says weight 180 (dry) is about the 2013 gsxr vs k5 (2005) group test etc… well I was intrigated as the 2013 gsxr says 203 kg… I checked on motorcycle specs and reviews about the k5 (2005) and in all places on internet specs about k5 (all of them) !!! says 166 kg (dry weight) so did your magazine printed wrong the 180 kg ??? many thanks…ester

  4. hi…again ! even if it was a wet weight it would be very nice !!! only 180 kg…would be like a light bird ,,, I checked and also on following next or 2 pages I saw again and it says dry weight 166 kg so the 180 kg was a mistake !!!

  5. Not in the shops I’d guess, so you’ll have to try online – apple newsstand or google play… Or are any of the UK bases still open? Try a Naafi…

  6. I just wanted to say how much we love Fast Bikes across the ocean in Canada. As I’m sure you know your

  7. Hey! I’m a model and regular Grid Girl in the British Superbike Championships, also a huge fan of your mag! Is there a way to submit content to your magazine?

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