Bike Trackday Trophy Goes Live – Register now!

at 02:46pm February 29 2012
Bike Trackday Trophy

The Club MSV Bike Trackday Trophy, in association with Fast Bikes, is now open for registration. Visit the new Bike Trackday Trophy website now to get up-to-the-minute information about what the series is, how you can be part of it, and what you need to do to take your trackday pace up a level by […]

Club MSV Bike Trackday Trophy

at 04:08pm February 12 2012
Club MSV Bike Trackday Trophy440

If you’re a novice racer looking for a way to get on track without having to rob a bank – this is the perfect answer: The Club MSV Bike Trackday Trophy. This fantastic new series, hosted by Club MSV and supported by Fast Bikes, establishes the bridge between being a fast trackday rider, and going […]

Club MSV To Launch Bike Racing Series For Novices

at 10:04pm November 21 2011

Following two years of success for their novice race series for four-wheelers – called the ‘Club MSV Trackday Trophy’ – MSV are planning to roll this out for us two-wheel addicts with a novice-friendly race series.

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