It’s National Motorcycle Week

If you’re on holiday we bet you’re kicking yourself that you’re missing National Motorcycle Week.  It kicked off on the 18th July and the National Ride to Work day is on Wednesday 21st July – tomorrow! So get your kit ready for then. Today: P-T. And if any mate expresses a desire to get on a bike, point them in this direction. To celebrate the week’s festivities, here’s the MCIA’s (the Motor Cycle Industry Association) A-Z of biking. Today: P-T

Parking – Motorcycles take up much less space than cars. In a typical car park you can get around 5 motorcycles per car in each space.

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Queues – You are less likely to sit in queues if you ride a bike, scooter or moped. The You Gov survey found that almost one in five people are jealous of bikers getting through traffic more quickly.

Ride to Work – riding on a powered – two wheeler can help you win bonus points with the boss. The You Gov survey found over two-thirds (67%) of motorcycle commuters said they were never  late for work.

Scooters  – These practical urban machines range from 50cc to 400cc. A stylish and affordable mode of transport, they were made popular by the MODs in the 1960’s

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Track Day – One of the most exciting ways to hone your skills in a safe environment is at a track day. You can find out how to improve your cornering and get experienced at the hands of the experts with

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