Fast Bikes Issue 250, Summer 2011

What a blinding issue – rammed with great bikes, and some truly inspirational (and some might say timely) Isle of Man TT legends imparting their wisdom, not to mention the truth behind traction control systems. Get yourself to the shops people!

Click the image below to see a PDF of the Contents pages…



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  1. The article on traction control is interesting, but it would be could if you could compare the S100RR and RSV4 with a bike fitted with aftermarket TC too. I’m too tall to comfortably fit on either of these bikes and also 16k is a bit over what I would spend on a bike. I’ve currently got a 2008 RC8 so if I wanted TC I would get a Bazzaz unit. Would be really interesting to see how this compared in a direct comparison to OE TC.

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