Jersey Cannonball Run

C.I. Cannonball

Hi folks, you may remember me posting a video of a chap blatting around my old home-town of Jersey a couple of months back. I also hoped that said chap may conjure up a video of the route none of us ever used, at all, ever, of our own version

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GPs of old

Morning Glory

Seeing as the racing’s finished an we have nowt but re-runs of this season to watch, how about some old-school morning glory, with a natty compilation of some great action from the 1990’s boys, the ‘Golden Era’ to pump us up for the day? 

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Hill climb

Nice Angle

Here’s a clip of Oliver Holmes recently setting a new record up Bouley Bay Hillclimb in Jersey, BJ’s old stomping ground. We think he’s on a KTM something-or-other, but one thing not in doubt is that the boy’s flying! Oh, and at least six-seconds faster than Beej ever went up

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