Used Product: AGV TiTech Evo, Rossi Gothic White

This lid saved my life, of that there is no doubt. Every crash is different, so it’s hard to compare performance fairly, but this left us all deeply impressed. No one here, nor at the track or hospital, had ever seen such a badly damaged helmet on someone that survived. The shell has clearly been assaulted by pointy metal bits of motorbike. Incredibly I suffered no head injury at all, not even concussion. You won’t find a better testament to protection than that.

I’ve worn AGV for five years and always loved them. The TiTech Evo is very light, well vented, great looking, and superbly built. There are no fragile bits to break and a visor swap can be done in less than ten seconds. The fit is very snug and firm like you’d expect from a race lid, so it stays still at high speed but needs bedding in and can feel too aggressive for long distance. AGV’s ‘GT’ range would suit that use better. It’s reasonably quiet for a light lid, though I always wear ear plugs.


I rate this lid very highly. The only thing that would get me out of the TiTech is the brand new GP Tech that is due to replace it at the top of AGV’s range in the next three months. Until then, this is a well known quantity and it’s great value. The price was slashed a year ago such that it’s now half the equivalent Arai. Expect discounts when the new model arrives too.

Contact: 01773 864420,

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