Used Product: Wolf Kangaroo 1 Piece Suit

There are some things I love about my custom Wolf suit that will be irrelevant to you. The full perforation that makes it so cool on really hot days, the colourscheme, and the made-to-measure fit are all part of the custom service I get for being a flash bastard journo. I’m too sweaty, vain, and lanky for any standard suit.

Everything else about the Wolf suit is the same as one you can buy. It’s well cut, lightweight, subtly stylish (less subtle in white, obviously), and well featured. The collar and cuffs are soft and comfortable, and the armour and zips are top quality.


Best of all is the bombproof construction. There is a common misconception that protection from leathers increases with weight, but the Wolf suit proves that isn’t true. From 50mph lowsides to 135mph highsides, I’ve never burst a seam or worn through the leather. That’s exactly what you need to know to feel safe.

There are more trendy and gimmicky suits around, but you won’t find better value. I’d recommend this suit to anyone at

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