Used Product: Good Will Munching

This is the new Will bar, a ‘mind and body boosting snack’. It isn’t exactly a bike product, but there’s a very useful connection here.

Riding a bike fast, on the road and especially on track, is tiring and mentally taxing. It also gives you a raging hunger, yet we’re always told (rightly) on trackdays not to stuff our faces at lunchtime because it makes you lethargic, just like nodding off after Sunday lunch. So, a small snack that satisfied the hunger and delivered a hit of energy and brain-boosting taurine caffeine (a bar has half the caffeine of a can of Red Bull) sounds like ideal trackday fodder to us. The Will bar is marketed with sporty people in mind, but it ticks all the boxes for thrashing bikes too.


We tried two flavours, the caffeine-infused chocolate and the added-vitamin C berry bar. They’re both damn tasty, as you can tell from the way that Andy is ramming his down. I was definitely buzzing all afternoon, as if I’d been necking Red Bull, and when I got home I exercised like a madman and felt great. It’s anecdotal evidence, but it’s enough for me and I’ll be buying Will in the future for training and trackdays.

They aren’t cheap at

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