Used Product: Stalker! Chris Walker, The Autobiography

Of the half-dozen racer autobiographies I’ve read, this is the funniest and probably the most honest too. Chris Walker is best known for finishing as runner-up in the BSB championship four years running from 1997-2000, and for being immensely popular with race fans. His roller-coaster career makes for a great story and you’ll wince at the injuries, groan at the bad decisions, and get mad at the team managers with him.

He gets up to plenty of mischief on the way, and doesn’t pull his punches about the riders and managers that pissed him off. Stalker’s most recent ex-boss, Simon Buckmaster, gets a proper kicking, and that’s just over the Kawasaki BSB joint venture a decade ago. You get the feeling that a later edition of the book will have a different cover, featuring Chris riding for a different team, and the story of Stalker’s unhappy 2007 season with Buckmaster in full.


Highly recommended reading.

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