Used Product: TomTom Rider

I always used to be a real anti-sat nav person, constantly berating people who had it for being too mentally deficient to look at a map and have any idea where they’re going. Then I got a TomTom Rider, and felt immediately guilty for being such a cretin.

I’m planning on getting about quite a bit on the Multistrada, so I’ve fitted the cradle to the bar, and wired it in so I don’t have to rely on the in-unit battery for juice. I used it for the first time in anger to guide me to Moto Rapido down in Winchester. Bingo – took me right to the front door.


When it was time to come home, I obviously didn’t need to boot it up ‘cos I know the way home, I live there. However, the fuel light came on as I pulled out of Rapidos, and on getting to the Shell garage round the corner, I found it was shut. Arse.

I didn’t know the area well enough to know where the next petrol station was, and most members of the public run away when I approach them in full bike gear asking for directions. So, I booted the TomTom up and pressed the ‘Nearest petrol station’ button. Lo and behold: there was another set of pumps 200 yards away, behind an industrial estate and a Tescos. Bloody marvelous. The TomTom certainly can can. Recommended. Read about it at

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