Used Product: Dirtworker

You may have seen our latest toy in issue 207’s product pages. This little baby is going to travel with us when we’re out on test, so we can keep the bikes you see in these pages nice ‘n clean. Its portability is the key here, especially if you’re already looking for some kind of pressure washer anyway.

Some may be initially disappointed the first time they set it up and pull the trigger. If you’re thinking bad-boy pressure washer, then don’t, but that’s actually a blessing for our bikes. You don’t want too powerful a jet, for all the obvious reasons, and this one isn’t. While it may struggle to shift absolutely everything, especially a proper caked MX bike, it more than helps. Give it a once over with this first, then get to the tricky bits, then go over with this again and you’re there.


The same goes for washing your sportsbike; a once over, then clean, and over again.

Considering the price of

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