News: 2DLD Is Almost Here – Book By July

The new Second European Driving Licence Directive (2DLD) comes into force in October this year, making it harder than ever for new riders to pass the test. If you, or anyone you know, have been thinking about getting into life on two wheels, but keep putting it off until after your summer holiday, think again.

Industry figures show a strong uptake in new riders since the new legislation was announced: 13% up on the year before. We only expect this to grow as the date approaches. That will mean competition for the places available with training schools and existing test centres as new riders rush to get on the roads before it becomes more difficult.

The new test will involve more manoeuvres at one of just 60 new super-centres. There are presently 260 test centres, but many of these are set to close, as they lack space to carry out the new moves. Learner riders could be forced to undertake round trips of hundreds of miles just to take their test.

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Getting your licence is also going to be more expensive. More manoeuvres means more training, and more time with an instructor to reach test standard. When you are ready, the cost of the test itself will have gone up a third, from

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