Used Product: Wurth Skin Protection Cream

I’ve had this container of special hand love hanging around on a garage shelf for four years now, after an over excited Wurth rep left it with me to test. I tried it once, about four years ago, and was so put off by the sticky white mess in my hands that I washed it all off, and just carried on using Michael Jackson-esque white latex gloves when fiddling with my motorcycles.

Anyway, I was having a shelf de-clutter just prior to a couple of hours of tinkering over the weekend, and though I’d give it another try before lobbing in the wheelie bin. Made myself feel pretty stooopid too. After rubbing in a pea-sized amount of gloop, I got the nasty sticky hands again, but forced myself not to give in, and after a minute of two, it was like nothing had happened.


So I got on with getting all dirty and greasy working on the bikes, and come the end of playtime, stuck my mitts under the hot tap with a bit of normal liquid soap, and hey presto, immaculate pinkies. Stunning stuff. No oil in the cracks and creases, or under my nails, and all the grime just washed away without scrubbing. The other big boon is that your hands don’t smell of latex gloves for hours/days.

Highly recommended stuff, it really does the job. Find out more at

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