Used Product: Roby Moto Quick-action Throttle

Quick-action throttles are a fetish of mine; I fit them to all my bikes. This Roby Moto unit is one of the best I’ve used. It’s well made in ally, and the speed of the action is adjustable with the choice of four cable drums. If your bike has separate throttle and killswitch units (most Yamahas, Kawasakis, Aprilias, and a random smattering of other bikes) then this unit directly replaces the standard twistgrip assembly. Fitting is straightforward on most bikes, so long as you can reach the engine end of the cables easily. It was a bitch on my ’05 ZX-10R, but a doddle on my GSX-R1000 K4 racer.

Suzukis normally use an integrated throttle/killswitch/starter unit which means there isn’t room to squeeze a separate unit alongside. You can fit a skinny switch assembly if you can wire it up, but if your bike is only for the track then there is an alternative. Remove the lefthand switchgear and tidy the wires away. Then move the righthand unit over to the left, leaving plenty of room to fit a stand-alone quick-action throttle.

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The four speed options range from slightly sharper than stock, like a Hairy R’s 1/5th clip, to ‘ber-luddy hell it’s a lightswitch’. The fastest drum cuts the throttle travel in half, so you’d better be paying attention and that goes double for really fast bikes.

The benefits are that you can reach full throttle more easily while hanging off, you don’t need to wind your hand around the grip, it feels wildly exciting, and it does your throttle control a lot of good. Looks trick too.

I use the fastest action and really like it. This unit was supplied by Extreme Bykesportz, but the Roby Moto importership is now with Race By Design.

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