Used Product: Bridgestone BT-003 Tyres

The Bridgestone BT-003 is all-new for 2008, and as the name suggests is their third effort at a Supersport tyre. The pattern is new, and is the most direct link to MotoGP as, modestly, Bridgestone aren’t over-egging their first title.

The centre of each tyre is more heavily grooved than you might expect; it looks like Rossi and Stoner’s intermediates. This boosts performance in damp conditions. It also allows the edges to be slicker, by placing more of the necessary minimum cuts in the centre.

As usual for off-the-shelf Supersport tyres, three options are available front and rear. The difference with the 003s is that the construction varies significantly too. You need to take into account the nature of the surface as well as the temperature and required longevity.


Surprisingly, they are single compound per tyre. Seeing as Bridgestone pioneered four and even five compound hoops in MotoGP, and recently gave us the three compound, five layer BT-016, you may have thought they

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