Used Product: Michelin Power Race Tyres

The Power Race has been around for nearly four years, so it’s on its last legs. Nevertheless, it packs dual compound technology that doesn’t even feature in the brand new Bridgestone BT-003. Of the three front and three rear compound options, only half are actually dual stickiness; the others are uniform. Needless to say Michelin claims lots of MotoGP links for the Power Race.

Compared to other tyres in this class, the Powers need a particularly long time to warm up. Warmers are essential, so they’re not ideal for trackdays without ‘leccy blankets and a daft idea for the road, no matter how much of a hero you are.

When screaming hot though, there’s loads of grip. The Medium Soft options I used have soft edges at the front, giving loads of confidence. Fitted to road bikes we’ve scuffed fairings, elbows, and back brake levers. Chiddo even snapped a peg clean in half. On a race bike with the chassis to use the grip, the Power Races feel good, but not amazing. Given how out of favour they seem to be, it demonstrates just how close this class of tyre is.

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I found I was less competitive running on the Michelins, and struggled to run good times. It felt difficult to find the real limit. The rear is more forgiving than the out-dated Michelin clich

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