Used Product: Metzeler Racetec Tyres

There isn’t much left to say about the Racetec. It’s the benchmark and still as fast as anything and massively popular. It has a very neutral character, so fit ’em and go without worrying what side effects they may have on your bike.

I used these early in the year, and although they seem to have been around forever they set a tough pace for other tyres to follow. Even the new Supercorsa, from the same Pirelli-Metzeler family, couldn’t beat it.

In terms of pure laptimes, the Racetec is still right on it and the grip, wear rate, and stability are all top notch. The only thing I think they’re bettered at is communicating their limits. The Dunlops spoke to me more, though even that could be personal preference.


The Racetecs deserve their popularity for trackdays and racing. They haven’t been completely overtaken yet, but others, Dunlop especially, have caught up so this isn’t the default choice it once was. Price could understandably swing it one way or the other with so little else to choose.


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