Used Product: Cold Killers Wind Buddy Fleece

The last few weeks has seen me opt for a Cold Killers Wind Buddy fleece top to go over my weather kit. I’d never used one before and was impressed with how good they actually are. This one has got the waterproofed windstopper front with a fleece back, it’s actually mega out of date and was on sale in 2007, many of you may have one…

Red detail stitching helps to make this look like a more fashionable garment and I have been known to wear it round the office when Moby’s turned the heating down. In the winter that I think we are going to have, this sort of kit really is worth a look. The 2009 version is called the Wind Buddy SoftShell and is fully waterproof at £59.99, so even better.

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Andy S


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