Used Product: Oxford Dormex Bike Cover

I ride everyday, rain or shine, but that doesn’t mean all my bikes have to conform to the same demands. While I have scant regard for wrapping myself up against the weather, my more delicate machines need a little bit more love.

Even though I keep all my bikes in a dry garage, I still ensure they get an extra layer of protection, and for that I use Oxford’s brilliant Dormex bike covers. The Dormex is for indoor use only, and provides a breathable dust cover, which allows air to circulate, but keeps dust and dirt off your bike. It has elasticated bottom for a snug fit, and a strap to keep it securely in place. They’re soft but tough, so it won’t damage your bike, but you ‘re also unlikely to ever need to replace it.

The bike under the cover in the picture is my 900SS, which will only be subjected to the rarest of outings over winter – keeping the salt at bay.
I also keep my non-runners and resto projects under wraps, ensuring that there’s no build up of dust and grime over long periods of inactivity, which could cause scratches when eventually washed off, or aide the retention of corrosion-causing moisture.

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If you hibernate one or more of your bikes, or have a garage-queen that rarely sees daylight, they’re a good investment.

£16.99 (Medium)
£21.99 (Large)

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