Used Product: Arai RX7 GP Helmet

I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time – the new Arai RX7 GP. We first heard that it was in development about two years ago, and the UK importer has got very bored of me asking when it would arrive.

I was a bit worried that Arai might have cocked it up, because the old RX7 was fantastic, and the new one – while it looks very similar – is actually completely different, including a new shell shape. I needn’t have worried: it’s a definite improvement over the old RX7.

It feels like it wraps round the base of your skull more, so you feel your head is entirely enclosed, the bigger visor aperture is actually quite noticeable, and the overall fit is even better than it was. Although it’s heavier, it doesn’t feel it because the weight is carried low down. The GP is slightly bigger than the Corsair due to the demands of Snell, as the GP will have the new Snell 2010 approval on it as well as ECE 22.05.

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There’s much less wind ‘whistle’ on the move. Clearly at road speeds, I’ve not felt any on the aerodynamic benefits of the new fin, but I actually think that’s the least important of the changes, other than the cool factor and marketing spiel. I’m really impressed, and relieved. It’s certainly a case of the best getting better.

The only downside is that I look like a policeman at the moment.

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