Used Product: Alpinestars S-MX R Boots

Let’s talk about winter boots. Now I know we’re out of the depths of winter, and summer seems like it’s well and truly here, so you’re probably thinking, “Why the hell is he banging on about winter boots?” I guess I just wanted to shout about them, really. My longterm Alpinestar S-MX Plus boots gave up the ghost during the darker months, so I replaced them with the Alpinestars S-MX R.

They’re a racy waterproof boot that offers reasonable protection, with a sporty fit. These’ve been great at keeping my feet dry on the wet days. Alpinestars also do a Gore-Tex version, so they would no doubt keep your tootsies warm too. Now though, they’re understandably making my feet sweat like a bitch, so maybe I should look at putting my feet back into some summer boots.

Anyway, I just wanted to show these little gems some lovin’ and say they would be well worth a look come winter 2009.


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