Used Product: Draggin Jeans

I was in dire need of some new riding jeans, and got hooked on the idea of some Draggin numbers after seeing their mint advert with some absolute honey barely containing her arse in a pair – the power of advertising eh?

On top of that (and I’d like to be), our Ad Manager Charlie has got a whole wardrobe full of ‘em and swore they were great. He was right too.

I’ve got a pair of the ‘Biker’ jeans, which are kind of classic in style, and I’m well impressed. The build quality appears to be very good, as do the quality of the materials used. The Kevlar panels are thick and extensive, and the fit is great, even on an odd shaped fatty like me. They’re comfortable too, and smart enough to ride to the pub and enjoy a few lemonades without looking like the Terminator, or sweating your gonads off in leathers.


I hope to never try their crash performance, but in every other way I’m impressed with them – recommended.

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