No Budget Cup – 2010 Cup Rules


The No Budget CUP is a totally independent championship.


Each team consists of 2 or 3 riders who compete on one and the same motorcycle. The No Budget CUP is only open for bikes (engine and frame) that were built between 1990 and 2000 and for riders that have not had an national or international ACU racing license in the last twenty years. There are three different classes: 600cc Class (four cylinder bikes up to 600cc and twins up to 905cc), +600cc Class (twins with more than 905cc, four cylinder bikes from 600cc up to 920cc and triples up to 960cc) and Megabike class (four cylinder bikes with more than 920cc).

Control Tyres
* please note that the UK control tyre has yet to be confirmed.

All teams are obliged to ride with the same brand of tyres. Choice of type is free, with exception of racing tires. Only one set of dry tyres and one set of rain tyres can be used during each race (training not included).


For all participants tyres will be offered at substantial discounts. The price is the same for wets as for dry weather tyres (still under negotiation).

Both wet weather tyres fitted to an extra set of spare wheels are allowed in 2010. Tyre warmers however are not allowed.

ATTENTION: There is an official tyre service at the races.



Anybody can compete in the No Budget CUP, except riders who have had an national or international ACU racing license in the last twenty years. Because the No Budget CUP is a club championship, all riders who compete in the races are obliged to become a member of the No Budget CLUB. The annual membership fee is


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