No Budget Cup: Team Fast Bikes' ZXR750

You may have seen our little teaser in the current issue about the shitbox ZXR750 we’re planning to race in our No Budget Cup throughout 2010.

It wasn’t a joke (well, it might turn out to be) we really are going to use one of the oldest eligible bikes you can race – and to make life even more interesting, it’s starting out as a basket case – so god only knows how it will finish the season. If it finishes the season at all. Of course we may build it back up, test it, change our minds, and buy a 2000 R1 instead!


It’s a 1990 ZXR750 H1, with an H2 swingarm on it. The previous owner crashed it several times on the road, before he managed to crash hard enough to put it out of action. The front wheel isn’t even close to round (we have a ‘new’ replacement already), the forks look a little banana-shaped to us, and it’s missing most of its bodywork – but apart from all that, it’s mint.

After five whole years without even being started, Moby threw some carb cleaner through it, added some fresh petroleum, connected it to some jump leads, and she fired up immediately. After less than a couple of minutes she was idling, with the choke off, like an absolute beauty.


The strip down will now commence, before building her back up, hopefully straight, with as few heavy parts as possible.

Watch this space.


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