No Budget Cup – Are you the Third Man?

The time has come. The eagle has landed. We’re now inviting applicants for Team Fast Bikes’ guest riders in this season’s No Budget Cup: the most exciting race series of 2010.

To enter is simple. All we require is 500 poetic words on why you think you’re the man/woman for the job, selling yourself with tales of heroism, skills, and generally convincing us you’re the perfect team-mate.

Successful applicants will have the chance to prove themselves on their own bike during a 20 minute riding assessment at our test track, under the watchful-eye of A-Force. Crashing isn’t an option, so we’re after safe and controlled riding.

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We’re not looking for someone who can do a sub-50 second lap at Brands, anyone that can mono for a mile, or even Rossi (sorry mate). Fast Bikes’ 3rd Man, ideally, should be absolutely comfortable in the fast group at a trackday, safe, fast and a team player. Anyone who comes into the pits and throws their helmet across the garage because their suspension settings weren’t right can feck right off. Equally, the phrase ‘I was winning ’til I fell off’ is not one we want to hear.

You will be responsible for your own travel, accommodation and kit (although we may make arrangements for the last of those three), but all costs relating to race entries and the bike will be met by FB.

It’s the dream ticket – get involved and email us at: FB Towers

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