Cracking One-Off: Suzuki GSX-R750 History 1985 – 2010






  1. I had the 86 limited. I drove the wheels of that thing. I did some mods to it and i put a ton of miles on it. I tore up the back roads and highways in northeastern pennsylvania with it, got my racing license and generally just misbehaved….my neighbors did not appreciate my late night rides. Also my bro-in-law had one as well and we loved them. In my opinion this bike is still the original repli-racer… long live the GSXR!!!

  2. My first was a ’91 GSXR750L, which was the first road bike with upside down forks. After crashing that several times, I bought the M, also in red. In ’92 I traded it on the first FireBlade. It wasn’t until 2004 that I went back to the fixers with a K4 thou, which I flipped. Mean hooligan bike, I loved you 🙂 then I got an anniversary edition K5 750 which I only crashed a couple of times in the 70000km I rode that year. Then raced a Yoshi kitted K6 750 with Ohlins and pissed on all comers 🙂 then I got a K6 1000 for the road. Haven’t messed it up yet, but he who rides a pony…. will someday fall, or face it, if you don’t, you’re not trying hard enough.
    Now I have a K7 with 45000km. The first bike I’ve had with a 1:1 ratio of bhp:kg, with the addition of scorpion pipe and a filter and a power commander it has 182 rear wheel ponies. It still pulls hard when the speedo says 299km/h. I am in love with it and it scares the crap out of me. Gixers are the choice of hooligans and proper riders, and we love wiping the floor with exotic bikes whose owners are scared to ride, and even Hayabusas, Ferrari’s and traffic cops are left in their wake. If I do end my existence on one, It made me feel more alive than anything else I’ve ever done, with my trousers on.
    You’ll never take me alive, filthy copper 🙂

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