Blog: Moby On Forum Fakery

We quite often get sent URLs from readers with the tempting subject line of ‘have you seen this?’ Usually it’s a link to some forum or other where a numpty at a competitor magazine is witlessly trying to slag off Fast Bikes, while pretending to be a genuine forum user. At least it makes their forum look busier.

We’re aware of a depressing amount of forum IDs that belong to the staff of the forum they’re posting on – and who in some cases actually have entire conversations with themselves online several times a day on their own forums using their real ID, and a pseudonym. We know who they are, because they stupidly let it slip to other industry bods who are more than happy to spill the beans on what sort of pathetic frivalry they get up to when they should be trying to improve their flagging magazines.

On the bright side, if the best they can come up with is to copy our editorial, copy our gifts, and spend considerable amounts of their time concentrating on maligning FB – they’re never going to reverse their considerable collective declines of recent years. And they claim we’re tossers?


Bless them. We salute you one and all.


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