Current Issue: Trackday Info-Hunters

We’ve had seven separate emails today from chaps looking for info on trackdays. It’s all the usual, completely logical and reasonable questions:

What tyres?
What can I expect from the day?
Who should I book with?
What kit do I need?
What track should I pick for my first trackday? And so on…


Well, if you’re thinking about doing your first trackday this year – or you simply want some advice on getting more out of your next trackday – you’ve got exactly seven days until your one-stop guide on all such matters comes off sale. The current issue has a pukka 36 page guide – including a narrated flying lap of 14 of the UK’s best circuits by the legendary (!?) A-Force.

We’re not going to print it all again anytime soon – so you better hurry down the shops and hope they’ve not sold out…

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