Blog: Beware Of Snide Alpinestars Kit On The Web

Times are hard and we’ll all find any excuse to bargain hunt, and that’s exactly what FB reader by the name of Ian did. Scouring the tinterweb for some gloves after trashing his Astars during a trackday smash, Ian saw a snip on some identical mitts and went ahead with the online purchase – that turned out to be a set of counterfeits.

The gloves were virtually unmistakably Alpinestars and, according to Ian, would have fooled anyone who hadn’t owned a pair previously. However, the dye on parts of the leather was running and the quality in general wasn’t too hot in comparison.

We’ve heard of similar cases in the past, with gloves and boots, and it seems like the cheap Chinese manufacturing boom is having adverse affects. If it can happen to the Gucci of motorcycling, Alpinestars, it could happen to anyone. Buy wisely.

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