Used Products: Arai RX-7 GP & Alpinestars Supertech R

There are only two things that I won’t ride without – Alpinestars’ Supertech Rs and Arai’s RX-7 GP. Needless to say, I won’t ride in just these two items, but they are the only ones I won’t substitute for anything else. I’m not usually a superstitious human, but I’m convinced that if I ride in anything else, it’ll be the day I end up upside down in a ditch.

I’ve worn Arai helmets for 17 years now, and this latest RX-7 GP represents the pinnacle of all of Arai’s knowledge, research and development. Sublime comfort, excellent vision, high airflow and superior construction conspire to make it a market leading helmet, both in safety and design. I loved the old RX7 Corsair, but the GP has moved-on all its key strengths by a decent margin.

My everyday GP, and its predecessor, the Corsair


Having covered around 20,000 miles in mine now, I can certainly vouch for its durability too. The only clues to the level of use are some scuffs and marks borne out of my own carelessness – the rest of it’s mint, and as comfortable as the day it first emerged from that iconic blue and white box.

While some will bemoan the near-

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