Blog: Charlie's project ZXR400, forking about

‘You learn by your mistakes’, ‘recognise your limitations’ and other such sayings that have never been more apparent than now while buggering about with my front forks spring to mind. This is not an easy job which I was more than aware of when I dismantled them in the first bloody place.

What I wanted was a nice clean finish to the ZXR frame so decided that I would add to my powder coating tally and get the fork ends done. Well, if I had my time again I would have undoubtedly have sprayed the fork bottoms without removing the stanchions. Furnished with the interiors, fork oil and manual in hand I stood in my workshop for hours wondering where I go next. The simple answer was this – Si Roots’s suggestion MH Racing, (01249 721001,


Mark Hammond set up his advanced suspension company some 14 years ago, before this had six years working as a race technician in MotoX GP. He is a main agent for Öhlins among others and pure and simple knows his shit. He took my box of parts but returned the fork oil I had bought to do the job myself, ‘won’t be needing that’ he stated, and got underway. Despite never using MH before I am more than happy leaving my forks with Mark to sort out.

You may recognise MH from when they were based in Corsham, they have moved within the last year or so just outside Chippenham. An impressive place and really great ride out, almost worth firking my forks up for in the first place.

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