Charlie’s project ZXR400 – is a rolling chassis!

My forks are back from MH Racing which means I have finally got to the first stage I was really looking forward to – a rolling frame. My own workshop is not as well equipped as I would like with a plethora of paddock stands so for this job a 20 year old Black & Decker Workmate had to do.

Supporting the main frame on the bench and a crate I was able to manoeuvre the back wheel into position which is where I hit my first snag. The powder coat was too thick for the rear spindle to go through. Therefore using a coarse sand paper and Stanley knife I chipped through the coating until the spindle could move in and out freely. From there on the back wheel was pretty much a doddle, given plenty of Moly and some careful persuasion.


Before: Nearly fully stripped

Spinning the bike around I then slid in the forks, the spindle and the front wheel was in position, the clip ons followed and aye voila! I could sit back and ponder the next move which will take some time, and a hell of a lot of degreaser – the ball ache that is cleaning parts with a considerable build up of crap over their years of service.

Now: A beautiful rolling chassis


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