2010 Sportsbike of the Year

Sportsbike of the Year 2010 is coming: ON SALE 02.06.10

Ten bikes, one Bridgestone control tyre, two days of flat-out track testing, 984 laps of Circuit Alcarras in Spain, and only one winner.

The result’s a bit of a shocker, too…

See the video player below (right sidebar) for a teaser – along with other great footage from Bike Channel



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  1. Hahah i guessed right..but wont say cos u gotta buy the mag to find out…..still wont make me go out and buy one though (the bike that won that is) its certainly a nice bit of kit and im sure the manufacturer will sell loads but ill stick to my 2K ebay shitter..yes i read that little snippet in your previous months mag ya cheeky buggers!!!…oh and my 2K ebay shitter is a nice low mileage 1999 CBR900RRX with a few extras…been a while since i had a bike but boy am i happy with this bike…take care guys fab mag 🙂

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