‘Ginge’ Learns To Wheelie, Sort Of…

Fast Bikes’ advertising boy James ‘Ginge’ Thomas was up at Castle Combe with the rest of the team on Saturday, and found himself getting bullied into trying the Extreme Wheelie wheelie machine.

(Click the image to see a video of Ginge’s wheelie debut)

To be fair to the lad, he only passed his bike test a couple of months ago – and managed to display much better throttle control and balance than the bloke who was on it before him, who probably crashed on the way home.


Go Ginge!

Actually, don’t. While these wheelie machines are a great fairground attraction, and will certainly teach you about what sitting on the balance point feels like, they’re also a slightly misleading tool. You have to wonder how many people have tried something like this, then flipped their pride and joy on the first stretch of dual carriageway on their way home – not recommended. Take the tether off, though, and every one of the happy clappers who tried it would have flipped themselves into oblivion.


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