A Postcard From Assen – Race Day

Beej has been happier. You see, I Snore.

I mean the very thought of it. I feel that the three welts I received in the face with a feather pillow at three different stages of the night was malicious behaviour from a violent sleep walker. Just in case it’s true, I’ve decided to give Beej some space today, a cooling off period you could call it. He can also help himself to my fags…  and all of my money.


After brekkers, off we headed to the famous Assen circuit, one of the fastest race circuits in the world – and I was going as a VIP guest! My Access All Areas lanyard had more value to me around my neck than anything Mr T could have offered, and I was certainly going to make the most of it. The hospitality overlooked the final chicane prior to the home straight; a brilliant passing spot and right next to the entry of the pits – how could this have been any better?

There’s no need to remind you of the result. If you don’t know by now, you probably don’t really care. Suffice to say that this was the closest race I have ever seen live, the most excited I have ever been at a track and the happiest I’ve been to hear our national anthem. Rea, Toseland, Camier in race one, then Rea, Haslam, Toseland in race two. It was absolutely brilliant. Adding to this joy was being well entertained by Pirelli, who really looked after us. Well, when I say ‘us’ Beej had kind of disappeared for race two. As the day wore on, had his unexplained lack of nocturnal rest caught up with him? Nah, he had watched the race with Leon Haslam’s ma and had been caught up in her excitement in the press centre – his arm had also been caught up in her finger nails as she held on to Beej’s arm, as if sending strength to her boy, admirably chasing for the highest podium spot. In the end he got second and Beej got scarred!

I had a fabulous day with the Champagne and Twiglet brigade and lapped it up. That evening it was another new experience for me – the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa launch. All looked pretty impressive to me and Beej was buzzing. He would get to try them tomorrow on the very circuit that we had been raced on today.  I’m going along to take some pictures and see how good these journo’s really are… Pirelli have asked me to bring my leathers though – don’t know why, a pillion ride would be soooo cool or maybe someone wants to borrow them, I am an Ad Man after all.


Catch you later.



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