Charlie’s World Cup Wonderland

So, the world cup has started then. I don’t know about you but I have never been so excited and was the happiest man on the planet when finally the moment came.

Saturday night, beautiful sunshine and a nation gripped, all glued to the box with a pint in one hand, a gorgonzola (or whatever those annoying horn things are called) in the other – all dressed in red and white, Three Lions emblazoned on their chest, the expectancy of a repeat of 1966 in their hearts.

Not my bike – but that of an excited local


I for one was taken in by this, the spectacle and majestic beauty of a vast open landscape of this great nations – empty roads. I was dressed in my finest too, fully leathered up as I was going for a thrash while the good people of this country left their cars at home, police attention centred on dealing with overly lubricated footy fanatics and portable TV’s in roadside cafés.

Mile upon mile of open roads finally offering value for money for all the taxes you shelve out, roundabouts to master, challenging twisty’s and dual carriageways to clear out the tubes as you scream along, unaware of the score – and not caring really.

I am a good patriot (to Scotland) and although not the most popular view of my fellow countrymen, I pray that England fly this year and go all the way. Raise your game Rooney, hold your nerve Green and deliver for the country Capello. Keep supplying me with the pleasure of roads you would only generally expect at 4am. I am truly rooting for you.


Don’t get me wrong, watch the footie, be a good patriot to Mother England if you so wish. Just don’t miss out on the opportunity it presents – record the game, take out the bike and get home within an hour of the finish before your pissed up fan decides he’s had too much to walk and gets into his car.

Other such opportunities will be presented on:

Friday 18th June – 8.30pm KO


Wednesday 23rd – 4.00pm KO

Come on England!, Come on England!, Come on England….

What was the score on Saturday by the way?



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