It’s National Motorcycle Week!

Yes, it comes round quicker and quicker, doesn’t it. It kicks off on the 18th July with National Ride to Work day on Wednesday 21st July, so get your kit ready for then. And if any mate expresses a desire to get on a bike, point them in this direction. To celebrate the week’s festivities, here’s the MCIA’s (the Motor Cycle Industry Association) A-Z of biking. Today: A-E

Adventure – Adventure motorcycling is a popular hobby, that can take you all round the world. The famous trips by Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman have inspired many more people to enjoy the adventure opportunities that are open to them. And it’s not just for the boys  – find out about Lois Pryce adventures at and

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BikeSafe – A unique assessment carried out by highly qualified police riders. Expect a reasonably priced day of riding, where you will be observed by experts and given top tips on what you can do to improve your skills. A highly recommended experience. For more information go to

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)– A one day training course with two-hours on road riding. On successful completion you will be entitled to ride a bike or scooter up to a 125cc capacity for two years. For more info go to

Driving Licence: –  essential to getting on the road. If you are 16 and want to ride a moped on the road, you will need to apply for a provisional moped licence and take a CBT. If you are over 17 and already have a full car license, this acts as a provisional licence for mopeds and learner-legal motorcycles. Unless you passed your car test before 1 February 2001, you’ll need a CBT too, but it’s a good idea to take the CBT course before taking to the road even if you aren’t legally required to. For more information about routes to your licence, look up the fact sheet on the website

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Economic – Riding a bike, scooter or moped is a cost –effective way of commuting.  A You Gov Survey carried out for National Motorcycle Week (2009) found that one- quarter of bikers said they chose to ride to work because it is the cheaper option, compared to only 2% of car drivers.

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