New Ducati 848 Evo

Ducati has announced the replacement its supersport 848 machine in the form of the new 848 EVO. The stock bike will become defunct, with the new EVO machine as the new bike in Ducati’s superbike range. So what is the EVO? Well, it’s an 848 but with an extra 6bhp, a steering damper and Brembo Monobloc brakes. Sounds good to us, even if it isn’t reinventing the wheel.

Tweaks to the motor means that the bike will boast 140bhp and nearly 100Nm of torque. The inclusion of the steering damper and Monoblocs is also a boon, offering subtle revisions to a bike that needs little work done to it to perfect. Like the current bike, it’ll be available in as a ‘Dark’ option, lopping £700 off the full-priced machine which is up at £10,695. It’ll be available to demo by the end of the month with bcustomer bikes available by September. Head to for more information.

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