It’s National Motorcycle Week

And better still, it’s Ride to Work day. Did you? Let us know if you did (and normally don’t). We have! Anyway, it’s the last of the A-Z listings. Today: U-Z. And if any mate expresses a desire to get on a bike, point them in this direction. To celebrate the week’s festivities, here’s the MCIA’s (the Motor Cycle Industry Association) A-Z of biking. Today: U-Z

Urban Mobility – The number of people riding a powered –two wheeler in London has increased since the introduction of the congestion charge. This has also led to a reduction in casualties.  An increase of +20% in PTW mileage corresponded to a reduction of 13% in PTW fatalities.  – (Statistics sourced via ACEM) In 2006, London PtW casualties fell 22%, despite a 14.5% increase in the PTW traffic in London (measured in vehicle-kilometres). (Transport for



Volunteers – Powered Two Wheelers are used for a variety of life-saving activities. Blood and organ deliveries are often carried out on bikes and scooters. The fire service and police also have fleets

Women – Female riders account for around 15% of the 1.5 million active riders. Famous women riders include: MP Hazel Blears, TV presenters VickyButler-Henderson and Suzi Perry, Paris Dakar rider Patsy Quick


X-citing – The MOTO GP is the bike equivalent of Formula 1 car racing. It is one of the most exciting spectator sports that generates millions of pounds for the industry. Some famous winners include the legendary Barry Sheene, and other UK champions Mike Hailwood and John Surtees and more recently the young Italian Valentino Rossi who has won a staggering eight times.

Your turn – The industry’s Get On campaign is offering people who want a refresher session or to try a bike out for the first time a FREE one-hour session. More information is online at

Zero Emissions – The motorcycle industry already has good green credentials and the manufacturers are doing a lot of research into alternative fuels. For the eco-minded commuter there are even electric motorbikes which have zero emissions.


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