Charlie’s ZXR400, Another One

Just as I think I am making good progress with my ZXR400 I find the next project come round the corner. About a month ago my other half passed her test and we went out and sourced a bike. This was pretty tricky, Shay is not the tallest of lasses and thus cannot ride either my ZX-6R or Z1000 (real shame that). However, with the seat and tank temporarily replaced on my project bike, the ZXR400 was perfect for her.

Ebay proved how many of these beauties there are around, most are in Taunton for some reason or other. Anyway long story short we find a tidy ZXR400 L3, three years junior to my own 400. All goes well for a month until a bang, white smoke and a rattle that would keep a maternity ward happy.

After close inspection by listening to the symptoms, the professionals say it’s a valve dropped and probable write off. So into my garage it comes, sitting alongside my own 400 awaiting the rebuild treatment. With this one though no complete strip, just dropping the engine out and either replacing it like for like or seeing how far my more intricate skills are. All of this being said though it does mean I have a donor bike for a while at best, at worst I have a map to put my own bike together so all good.

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But prior to getting this up together I better finish what I have started, in the meantime though – I think I will have that system.

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