BJ’s Home TT

Hi troops, BJ here. Some of you may have wondered just what kind of riding I got to do when I was a kid, on an island only nine-by-five miles, and rightly so. A nameless buddy of mine has recently uploaded a few HD videos of himself blatting about Jersey, and it kinda makes the place look like a mini TT, which is how we all used to perceive it, incidentally.

You should also be able to glean just why I loved 250cc race replicas so much, as they were perfectly suited to the place and you could whoop nearly anyone on anything else, bar a few proper mentalist exceptions. I’m going to ask our uploader to also retrace our Cannonball route at some point and send it over, so you can see how/where we used to hold our mildly naughty (read illegal) nighttimes’ time trial. He’ll be doing it during the day for obvious visual reasons, and be obeying the speed limits. Mostly…


In the meantime, enjoy… Click HERE, or on the image above.

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