2011 Honda CBR125R & CBR250R – First Look

Honda will cater for smaller sized sector much better with the launch of an all new CBR250R and a CBR125R. Made in Thailand, the CBR250R will be powered by an all new four valve, four stroke motor that should bother the dyno to the tune of 26bhp.


Though not the sportiest of motors, nor lightest of steel frames, the bike should be very economical and looks-wise it does a great impression of looking the real deal. Pitched directly against the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, this is encouraging moves in the sector, the market needs good little bikes – and this could be one.

Meanwhile, the CBR125R hopes to ape the success of the current CBR125, but with big-boy supersport styling. It properly looks the bomb, but unfortunately won’t go like one.




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