2011 Honda CBR600F – First Look

Honda have released info about their new practical sportsbike – the CBR600F – is an interesting diversion from the focused superbike range. Less sporty than the CBR600RR, the 600F will fill the whole that was left when the old F Sport was effectively made redundant in 2003 when the RR was released.

Designed to appeal to a broader audience than the track-taming RR, the F will use the current Hornet motor, itself derived from the 2007 RR. Power will peak at 100bhp, so it’s a tame looker, not a lunatic.


Chassis wise, the bike will use a light mono-backbone frame design to give a slim feel and agile ride, although nothing up to the levels of the RR. Suspension will be adjustable, and set-up better for the less demanding rider. The brakes are pared back, and won’t be the radial calipers of the RR, but will rather use a combined ABS three-piston caliper set-up. This could be a very wise move for Honda, but as ever, the proof will be in the pudding.



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