AGV AX-8 lid

If you’re in the market for a fancy new off-road lid, then surely these new AGV AX-8 helmets have got to be top of your pops.

In the Kaleidoscope, we’ve yet to see a fancier paintjob – on any lid. And it’s not as if the VR 5 Continents Replica is any duller, either. If you think you can’t pull either of these off, then AGV has a great range of other graphics and colours. Developed with top ‘crossers like David Philippaerts and SuperCross stars Travis Pastrana and Davi Millsaps, the AX-8 performs on every level.


The lid itself is a clever, new design. The front air vent catches the eye, but that belies the work that’s gone into the Carbon/Kevlar/Fibreglass outer shell that is big on safety and small on weight (1,100g in a medium). The integrated IVS ventilation system ensures that you keep a cool head on track and the inner Dry-lex padding is all removable. Indeed, you can strip your lid and put the jet-washer on it to clean it as the visor area is made of a soft plastic, rather than fabric. An easy job.

Head to for more info or for a list of distributors.

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