NEC In ‘Awesome’ Shock!!

Hi there Fast Bikers, this is just a quick note to tell you about Motorcycle LIVE currently up at the NEC. Putting on my utterly-honest hat for a moment, this is a fixture I’ve been increasingly less fond of over recent years. Indeed, last year wasn’t up to much at all and mostly because the major manufacturers weren’t there.

However, I went up on Monday, and I must say it’s finally back to its best. Not only are there more than thirty manufacturers represented, but they’re all represented properly. Norton’s stand is superb, watching a bike being built and then the new owner taking it away. The Get On campaign area and facilities are fantastic, the rides, stands, stalls and off-road attractions exciting and fresh, and overall there’s a sense while you’re there that this is how a show should be; busy, packed with things to do and most importantly, put together just for us bikers.


There are a few days left and one weekend, if you want to go and sniff

out a bargain or sit on the bike of your dreams, this is your chance. There will be other shows in the New Year, but only this one will feel as complete. A big ‘Well Done’ to the organisers is much deserved. Just now, they have to try and better it next year. On the evidence shown, I’m positive they will.



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