Charlie Does California – Level 2

We are great advocates of the California Superbike School here at Fast Bikes for one simple reason, it’s good, very good. It has taken me a while to write about my experience of Level 2 back in September but for good reason, if you are looking to score points with the best Christmas present ever then a trip to the school has to be very high on the list.

In September I joined the school at the newly developed Stowe circuit at Silverstone, and it’s really pretty spectacular. The developments that started to house the MotoGP have continued and CSS now have a spectacular base at the circuit making the experience all the more enjoyable. Classrooms, retail area, workshops and catering are all housed in a beautiful spacious facility.


The weather put a dampner on the day for all of about two minutes as the introductions and welcomes began. It seemed like no time at all before we were out for the first session after Jet had described the purpose and practice of turning points. This exercise was fourth gear only and I immediately fell into the trap of speed – throttle control was all to cock and I was braking heavily.

You can find out more about the different levels on their website but suffice to say that yet CSS over delivered on my already high expectations. A key learning for me was wide view, the practice of avoiding target fixation and taking in the whole scene – its amazing how much slower everything becomes, and how much easier and smoother you take the corner.

In addition to the classwork leading to track work was an overview of body position. Spider took me through my corning bodywork and again this was invaluable. The proof of this was two days later on track at Anglesey – a scrape on both sliders removed a very large monkey from my back, I had achieved knee down for the first time, you must remember the exhilaration of that don’t you.


So my final “No shit Sherlock” point has to be that on the road and on the track CSS has improved my riding no end. I cannot wait for the team to return from running European schools this winter so I can get stuck into Level 3, I just hope someone buys it for me for Christmas – Moby? (Buy it yourself you cheap bastard. Moby)



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