New Uvex GT500 Helmet – Clever Stuff

Those clever Germans have been at it again. This time in the visor department. Uvex has released the new GT500 Variotronic lid.

What’s so special about that, you say. Well, the double lens visor can be switched from clear to dark in milliseconds. How? Well, Uvex has joined up with AlphaMicron (a firm based in Ohio) to create this electronically controllable tint technology that changes from light to dark in the touch of a button. Saves faffing about, doesn’t it. The technology is from military uses, and is effectively an LCD lens controlled by an integrated photo cell. It can be charged using a USB charger.


The flip-up lid helmet itself has a carbon, kevlar, glass fibre shell to achieve a low weight but high safety standards. It’s pretty nifty stuff, but comes at a price – ¬£579.99. Without the special visor the GT500 is ¬£349.99, still pretty good value. There’s more on Uvex’s new range here:

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