Hutchy on a Yamaha – Official

Ian Hutchinson will be defending his many TT crowns on Yamahas this year. Hutchy has joined Shaun Muir’s ranks for this year, moving away from the Padgett’s team the helped him to his five TT wins this year. So that means a factory spec R1 for the big races and R6s and a superstock R1 for the others.  It’s Yamaha’s 50th year at the TT, so is helping SMR racing as best it can get the kind of coverage it wants.

It’s likely that getting the bikes will be the easy bit, as Hutchinson’s first race is to get fit after a horrific leg injury, sustained at Silverstone during the supersport race there. If the photo was to look down, you’d see Hutchy’s leg in a cage still. The blurb says this, “I’ve been cycling on a turbo-trainer since mid-December. Initially I struggled to do five minutes, now I can do 40 and get my heart-rate up to 192, with an average of 184. That was all I could do before the accident.”


The team are planning to compete in all of the International Road Races – the North West 200, the Ulster Grand Prix, Macau and the Isle of Man TT and will also look to participate in the British Supersport Championship as well.

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